Friday, May 20, 2005


Here is my latest exciting pregnancy health news. I have a very itchy rash that began yesterday on my lower abdomen as maybe as big as a quarter and now it's the size of a hamburger and just as red and raw-looking. I can only see it in the mirror because it is on the underside of my ample baby belly! Pleasant, eh? I have been online and it may be something called PUPPS that pregnant women get usually toward the end of pregnancy and often when carrying a boy. I just hope it doesn't spread all over. Of course, the heat this week isn't helping the itch any, and our 10-month-old air conditioner decided not to work when I tried it yesterday. UGH. Nothing can make me more irritable than being itchy, hot, and very large!!!

OK, aside from that, I am still feeling pretty good for the most part. baby is moving lots and lots and that is always fun. Domi likes to put his hand on the movement and he gets really happy and excited. We spent some time in the baby's room yesterday talking about what he will do as a big brother and he sat in his little rocking chair and demonstrated how he will rock the baby. What a sweetheart! At Target last night he picked out a whale shaped teether as a baby present. Now he wants to name the baby Todd. He's gone through the names Max, Alex, Gabin... I think we will wait until we see the baby to name him. It's been hard settling on a definite name this time.

Just two months to go, but as it's getting hot I am in need of a maternity swimsuit. So tomorrow I'm going to Motherhood Maternity at a mall that is not all that close, but it's the closest with a maternity store. As soon as Mel's apartment pool opens, Domi and I will be spending lots of time there! I don't care if I resemble a whale!

People are starting to think I am due very soon, and when I tell them two months to go they are like "oh". Come on people, my belly isn't that big!!! Someone told me I was waddling the other day and she's lucky she didn't get pummelled! Keep your comments to yourself, people!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

plan for health

Well, at the dr this week, I discovered I am gaining too much weight--surprise! I know it's from Easter chocolate and ice cream, and I need to cut that out. So this is my third day of healthy living--for the sake of my new baby. Dr said to take a 30 minute walk every night, and so I have, and also cut way back on sweets, which I have. Domi and I walked to the park Tuesday night, me pulling him in the wagon half the time, so that was about 45 minutes. And Last night I walked briskly alone for 30-40 minutes, too. I've way upped my fruit intake and am not going out for lunch anymore. It's true, I do not want to gain 50 pounds with this baby and then have to lose that plus the overweight I already had...So my goal for my next appt is to only have gained two pounds or less, and to have all of that be healthy baby!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Watch Sharon Shrink
Friday, March 18, 2005

22 weeks
Well, there's no mistaking it when you look at me--I'm definitely pregnant! It's all about the maternity clothes now. And four months to go, whew! Went shopping at Target the other night with Mom, and she bought some cute little boy things (she had pink stuff she had to take back :) ). Cute little packs of socks and pale blue and white striped pants and a deliciously soft blanket.... I bought a few little things my self at Wal-Mart last night. I had wanted the room to be cleaned out by now, but that's not so. Hopefully over Easter weekend we can get some of that work done, so I can paint the room, paint the dresser, consider putting up the crib, etc etc. Dominic (who has renamed himself Dash after the boy in the Incredibles movie, going on three weeks now) has decided that the baby's name is "Gabin". Not sure where he got that, but he says it's not GaVin, it's GaBin! We are actually considering using that name! Feeling lots of movement these days, swirls and flutters and harder kicking type feelings. I love that part of it. Dominic wants to be able to feel the baby, too, and in a month or two he will be able to.
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Friday, March 04, 2005


tuesday our little family went to my doctor appt and we found out that we are having another boy!!! it was very exciting to find out, and i am more excited than ever! Dominic was thrilled to be there and see the baby on the screen, even more thrilled because "it's not a girl!!" as he exclaimed! :) so he will have a little buddy and that makes me glad. the girl said it's unmistakable that it's a boy and everything else looked really good too. he is at 8 oz right now and she measured his head and femur bone and checked spine and checked that there are four chambers in the heart. it's so amazing to see that little life there on the screen! i was just so happy, and i think eric is too. we could see his little feet and toes and his little profile with his hand going up to his mouth. wow.

dominic focused in when she was checking the cord to see how the "blood flow" was, so now all he likes to talk about is he saw the "blood flow"! :) he is something else. eric's mom told us she likes the name Niko, which I do not but now that's what Eric and Dominic are calling him and it's driving me crazy. only the other morning Domi asked "so how's Nacho doing today?" and I about fell on the floor laughing. I like nacho better than niko! so we are majorly into the hunt for the perfect name. everyone is so opinionated about names, though, that it's hard to discuss without being influenced by everyone. have to remember that the people who matter are me and eric!

i think i'm feeling fluttering movements this week, too, which is very fun. life. amazing.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

busy mama

well, some new stuff has been going on, although not all that exciting. on tuesday this week i finally barfed for the first time during this pregnancy! i was at a computer training class and had to leave the room to be ill. funny though how it doesn't affect the rest of the day and life is so much better after getting that yuck out. i think it had been building up for a while, i mean the need to barf. any way, most else is good. back still hurts but sleeping on the couch really helps. sonogram is next tuesday and eric agreed to find out the sex of the baby! i am actually pretty excited to find out this time, though last time i liked the surprise. dominic is going to go along to see the "magic picture" of the baby too. i thought it would be a fun way to get him involved. i also have him enrolled in a sibling class at the hospital so he can get prepared to be the heroic big brother! :) eric not so good. he had bad cough and cold last week and then on monday he got a new problem which is a wisdom tooth that needs to come out pronto, so that is happening tomorrow. he is in a ton of pain and generally feeling ill and awful. i do feel bad for him, glad i got mine out when i was in high school before they caused a problem.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

16 weeks

Home from a fabulous vacation in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico! No pregnancy problems down there or problems of any kind. Dominic was a real trouper, a super traveller, and I was so proud of him. I think everyone was relaxed and enjoyed it! Only problem was the beds weren't that comfy and I'm used to more pillows, so my back was hurting a lot. But I soothed it in the pool often.
Had an OB appt the day after we got back (Tues.). Melissa had never been to the baby doc before and wasn't around when I was carrying Domi, so she wanted to go. So she got to experience hearing the heartbeat with me. I was very nervous at this appt because I dreamed the night before that I miscarried, and the longer it took for the nurse to find the heartbeat the more scared I got. It took ten minutes to find it and then she couldn't keep it long enough to count. So a second girl had to come in and she had better luck. Heartrate around 154, good. Thank heaven! Doc said I am gaining too much, which I am blaming on the all-inclusive vacation I just returned from, but I know I need to watch it and start getting exercise. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow. Otherwise all is well. I felt the sickest I have felt at the appt after they squished around on my belly for so long with the doppler thing, really did think I was going to barf but was OK, then went to lunch with Mel and all was well again. I don't feel any baby movements yet, but the flutterings should start soon since I am officially in the second trimester.
Clothes are definitely fitting less well, particularly pants, of course. I have been bidding on stuff on ebay and got a good maternity swimsuit through there. Will need more stuff soon. JCPenney online has good stuff and Old Navy has some too. I really need to order some stuff or I won't have any pants!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


OK, I really have been feeling pretty good thus far into this baby-making, but I feel like listing a few of the things that are increasingly making me more uncomfortable.

1. I have to go to the bathroom. Alot. Especially bothersome at night.
2. Lower back pain. Mostly occurring when I lay flat on my back. I have to remember not to do this or else I can't get up after. Sleeping on sides only.
3. General sleep trouble. Need a bigger bed. I like lots of pillows and tend to hog the bed or sleep on the couch. And if Domi wakes up I sleep on his bed part of the time too. Could this be the cause of the back problem?
4. Growing tummy. Doesn't seem fair that just before conceiving I had lost 15 pounds and was in a smaller size. I already feel like I'm bigger than I was before that. Maybe not true, but feels like it. Getting a maternity swimsuit for Mexico so I look more pregnant than I do fat!

That's all for now.